Serving One-Millimeter Happiness Through Future of Manufacturing

  • Our Service

    By implementing our newest technology, manufacturing industry is replaced into service industry.

    The fundamental problem of your shoes could be solved by next generations tailor-made shoes, using the newest 3D technology. By connecting the shoemaker and the customer directly, the common standard of the fashion industry changes, and provide a better lifestyle for the human being and global environment.

    IT Consulting

    Commercial value raises significantly by customizing our IT system. For this reason, it is necessary to involve an IT consultant who understands both business and IT, in order to gain strength for competing IoT and AI world.

    3D D2C Service

    Although the price of 3D printer is becoming lower, our way of living has not yet changed.
    We should understand how great it is to use this new technology through new D2C service.

  • Finding Jobs

    Innovation is created by interacting with each other

    Web Designer

    2 years of experience in Web design

    Sales promotions using Instagram is highly welcomed.

    We are looking for a designer who can produce a value of our service to the overseas though graphic design.

    The website needs to be designed considering the user experience and needs to able to show a clear message and the concept of our service.

    IoT Engineer

    Designing mechanism using 3D-CAD
    Work experience creating a prototype

    We are looking for an engineer who can develop original 3D measuring equipment for feet and is able to remodel the 3D printer.
    For this position, you are going to improve the customer's usability though hardware and software.

    Shoe Specialist

    5 years of experience making shoes and repairing shoes

    Experience in face to face customer service is welcomed

    We are looking for a footwear specialist experienced in designing, shoe making, repairing, fitting adjustment etc.

    It is a work to produce an ecosystem which will be needed when tailor-made shoes become popular.

    Intern\Part Time

    For those who can work part time

    We are looking for a person who can sympathize with the concept of our future and can contribute with his/her passionate and power although the work experience is less.

    You will gain work skill and experience by challenging the new things.

  • Company Overview

    Keeping the traditional handcraft specialists throughout the world.

    Company Name


    Our locations

    Lowp305 5 Ichigayasanaicho Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo 162-0846 (map)

    Opening hours: 10am to 6pm on weekdays.


    October, 2015

    Executive Officers

    President: Takashi Kasuya
    Executive Director: Tateaki Iguro
    Executive Director: Masateru AokiSenior


    Technical Director: Mitsuo Sakai
    Senior Financial Director: Koichi Tsuno

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